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Of all office furniture, it is office chairs which must surely have the greatest bearing on the impression one has of any workplace. When selecting chairs for an office environment, it's important to ensure not only that office seating meets the requirements as far as the practicalities and budget are concerned but that some attention at least is paid to the collective impact of office chairs on the overall workplace aesthetic.

A major consideration when choosing office seating is who you are buying for within the organisation. Unlike desks for example, where frequently one sees the same desks used throughout organisations and hierarchies, chairs are more likely, to some extent at least, to reflect who one would expect to be sitting on them. So within the overall office seating category, we see a variety of sub-categories or types of office chair, reflecting these organisational expectations. For CEO's, board members or for other management figures for example, there is the option of 'executive chairs'. Typically, an executive chair will look and feel a little more luxurious than may be standard for general office seating. And this will be reflected both in the overall shape of the chair, usually with a higher, more supportive back but also in the kind of materials used in its manufacture, for example leather, suede or high-tech and ultra supportive are often more prominent. The category of 'task' office seating, is again produced with a high level of comfort in mind but perhaps with slightly less emphasis on luxury and to some extent status. This is the category of office seating which may be appropriate for members of the team who spend the lion's share of their time on desk-centred tasks in mainstay office areas (rather than say private offices or the board room) but require something with a little more support than may be typical of a standard office chair. In a creative industry context, one could well imagine graphic designers or film editors for example sitting on task chairs rather than the standard office swivel chairs.

But more often than not, for the majority of their office seating at least, most organisations will tend to choose from within the 'operator chairs' category. In terms of the general style, this is the kind of office seating most of us will be familiar with and which we'd most immediately recognise as 'office chairs'. Also known as 'swivel chairs', operators chairs are the standard format for office seating in the workplace and also tend to be what most staff would expect to be sitting on. They range from the cheap-and-cheerful through to the mid-range and the main variations between models tend to be whether they come with or without arms or with the colour option. For most people who have ever worked in an office and are familiar with operators chairs, they are a very reliable and cost-effective choice. They are very versatile, with height and back adjustment as standard and also highly flexible, being built around the day-to-day realities of the office environment. The swivel aspect of the operators chair enables swift entry and exit for the sitter and the multiple wheeled base makes it simple to move around, without any serious impact as far as wear-and-tear on the floor is concerned.

For the best selection of office chairs and office seating, Floyds offer a comprehensive range, from simple operators chairs, right through to high-end executive models. Please contact a member of the Floyds team to discuss your requirements. Floyds is also able to offer a free space planning and design service as well as complete delivery and installation to your workplace. Alternatively, you might return to our home page to see all office furniture categories.
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