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Office Desks & Office Workstations

Think of an office and inevitably desks will form a part of that picture. For an enterprise starting out, for a growing business or for an organisation which is looking to re-configure an office or workspace, desks are an essential part of that plan. Amongst a whole host of issues which any employer will face when taking on new members of staff, from a practical point of view, ensuring there are enough desks or office workstations is essential to making sure new team members have somewhere to work and can actually get on with doing with what they've been hired to do.

For many organisations, a viable office workstation does not necessarily mean a separate desk for each team member. A variety of desking options is available, for example, bench desks, which can accommodate computer workstations for individual users as part of one overall shared unit of furniture. If an organisation tends to work with a reasonably fixed number of employees, then bench desking can be the ideal solution. But where staff numbers are more variable and office space is perhaps less permanent, individual office desks may be a better option. Individual office desks offer the flexibility to use more or less of the office space for computer workstations and can be added as and when the need may arise. Conversely, when other requirements for whichever given office space becomes more pressing, desks can be taken apart and stored or moved elsewhere. Individual office workstations provide an affordable way to expand desking when it's needed and in a way that does not require furniture being permanently affixed to the fabric of the building. As well as the inherent flexibility of individual office desks, they provide team members with a reasonable, determinable amount of space of their own. In single offices, due to restrictions on space, discrete office desks will probably be the only viable solution but in larger spaces, as well as providing that defined space for each individual team member, standalone office desks also enable flexibility in terms of the configuration in which they are arranged. Where priorities change, or different teams within an organisation are moved around an office, desks can be moved with them or simply re-configured to meet the new requirements.

For the perfect office workstation or computer workstation, Floyds offers a complete range of office desks in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Please contact a member of the Floyds team to discuss your requirements. Floyds also offer a free space planning and design service as well as complete delivery and installation to your workplace. Alternatively, you might return to our home page to see all office furniture categories.

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