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  • Clinton Steel Two Door Cupboard
  • Upton Cupboards
  • Clinton Steel Tambour Cupboard
  • Clinton Wood Two Door Cupboads
  • Infinity Wooden Cupboards
  • L&P Wooden Stationery Cupboards
  • Delta Tambour Cupboards
  • Elite Tambour Cupboards

Office Cupboards

Our cupboards range from high level to low level credenza units and can have conventional doors or side opening tambour doors which are ideal when you do not want the opening doors to project into the space in front of the cupboard. Tambour doors are also labour saving since they can be left open all day and closed just once at the end of the day whereas their counterparts require opening and closing with every use. They all have robust locks and come in various finishes to compliment your existing office decor. Please contact a member of our friendly staff to find out more about our office cupboards. Alternatively, you could visit our home page to see all our categories of office furniture.

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