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Bench Desks

It may not sound very exciting yet bench desking has the potential to transform an organisation from one which feels static and routine in its environment to one which possesses a dynamic, lively and productive atmosphere. With the ability to place bench desks in practically any organisational scenario, particularly environments with larger open-plan spaces, bench desks offer a very fuss-free and cost-effective means of putting team members to work in a highly efficient way. Adaptable in their dimensions, bench desking systems can work into a multiplicity of spaces and depending on the make and model of desk which is selected, can seamlessly merge with other desking systems and office furniture, from reception rooms right through to the executive board room.

One of the major advantages of bench desks is that while they are able to provide users with their own space, to a greater or lesser extent, and depending on the bench desking system any particular organisation opts for, they are also able to encourage a more sociable and communicative dynamic within the workplace. In creative industries where high levels of communication are integral to the smooth-running of day-to-day operations, bench desks minimise the distances between colleagues and create an ambiance of greater team cohesion. Companies within the financial services industry too, commonly opt for bench desking solutions. With work spaces centralised together, particularly when it comes to electricals, for financial services firms that will often operate large numbers of PC terminals and monitors, bench desking provides convenient and organised access to the power that's required, in the most efficient way possible. For environments where more division between colleagues is important but where proximity and collectivity is still a priority, most bench desking systems can provide screens/divides in between individual office workstations to provide at least a minimal level of partition where that's needed.

With bench desking systems available from an array of suppliers, there is also a wealth of choice in terms of the minimum and maximum lengths of bench desking systems but also when it comes to desk depth. Screens/partitions are offered in a variety of finishes too, from fabric to wood and bench desks themselves are available in multiple colour options.

For more information on bench desks and bench desking systems please contact Floyds and speak with a member of the team. Floyds offer a free space planning and design service and can also provide full delivery and installation. Alternatively, you might return to our home page to see all office furniture categories.

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