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  • Upton Rectangular Desks Cantilever Leg
  • Desk & Ped only £179.95
  • Delta C Cantilever Rectangular Desks
  • Centaur Rectangular Desks
  • Poise Combination Desks
  • Delta C Rectangular Desks
  • Atmosphere Rectangular Desks Desks
  • Versiv Rectangular Desk
  • Concept Rectangular Desks
  • Isis Rectangular Desks
  • Versiv Eclipse Rectangular desks
  • Optima Plus

Rectangular Desks

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Rectangular desks are highly versatile since they can be arranged in almost any shape from single rows of desks (as in an examination hall), to clusters forming larger rectangles, square formations or even a single width continuous desk surface around the perimeter of a classroom. Please get in touch to discuss how our rectangular desk options might meet your requirements or go to our home page to see all office furniture categories.