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  • CT Soft Seating
  • Budget Tub Chair
  • Buzz Reception Seating
  • Bellos
  • Casey Reception Seating
  • Cube Leather Effect Reception Sofa
  • Oversized Leather Effect Eeception Sofa
  • HB3 Sofas and Chairs
  • Skoop Chairs
  • S-Sofa Reception Chairs
  • Glacier Reception Seating
  • Leather Faced Reception Sofa - black 7211/L
  • Monday Sofas & Chairs

Reception Seating / Reception Chairs

Our reception seating includes a very wide range of styles from simple pedestal chairs to skoop chairs to armchairs and sofas which can be matched with suitable tables. From ultra simple contemporary designs to more traditional models, you should be able to find just what you need for your office reception. Please contact a member of our friendly staff to find out more about our reception seating. Alternatively, you could visit our home page to see all our categories of office furniture.

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