Crescent Desks

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  • Centaur Crescent Desks
  • Upton + Crescent Desks
  • Solar Crescent Desk
  • Aspire Radial Desks
  • Versiv Eclipse Crescent Desks
  • Isis Crescent Desks
  • Atmosphere Crescent Desks

Crescent Desks

Floyds 139 Lynchford Rd, North Camp, Farnborough, Hants GU14 6HD Tel: 01252 543559

A crescent desk provides a smoothly contoured front edge to the desk which provides desk surface to the side(s) as well as the front of the user. This means a larger area of useful workspace is within immediate reach. Less versatile than rectangular desks, crescent desks provide a more pleasant workspace for the user. Please get in touch to discuss how our crescent desks might meet your requirements or go to our home page to see all office furniture categories.

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